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Retiring from Driving

Driving is very important for most people because it provides freedom and independence and enables us to maintain our quality of life. The “Keep Driving” section of this website provides information and advice on how to adapt if your driving is changing as you get older so you can keep driving safely for as long as possible.

However, the time may come when it is simply no longer possible for you to continue to drive safely, and for your own sake, and the sake of other people on the road, you must stop driving, and give up your driving licence.

If you carry on driving when you are no longer safe to do so, you would be putting yourself, and other people (your passengers, pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and people in other vehicles) at risk.

Giving up your driving licence does not mean that you will lose your freedom and mobility, as there are many alternatives to driving, and if you no longer use your car very much, it may make good financial sense to give it up and use the money you save for other ways of getting about.

Use the links below or at the side for further information and advice.

Reaching the Decision gives advice on deciding when it is time to stop driving.

Alternatives to Driving gives advice on how to maintain your freedom and independence without a car.

Is Your Driving Changing? Free leaflets and posters intended to help elderly drivers to drive safely, for longer.