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Refresher Driver Training

A driving assessment may recommend some refresher driver training, or you may just decide you’d like some yourself. There are a range of options, including:

  • Short assessment drives
  • Courses for anxious drivers or people who have not driven for a long time
  • Courses on specific skills, such as towing or parking
  • Courses for older drivers
  • Driver development training (often provided by employers)
  • Advanced driver training and tests

At the very least, read the latest edition of The Highway Code, which is free online or can be bought from most bookshops - it's probably changed since you last read it.

To find refresher driver training near you

Contact the Road Safety Department of your local Council and ask if they provide courses, or can recommend local driver trainers. Make it clear that you’re an experienced driver looking for refresher training.

Contact RoSPA or the IAM who both have local volunteer groups across the UK who help drivers (and motorcyclists) improve their driving to Advanced Test standards. Details of the local groups around the country can be found at the links below.

RoSPA’s Advanced Drivers and Riders

IAM RoadSmart

Find a local driving school that provides refresher driver training for experienced drivers (not just training for learner drivers) You can find details of local driving schools at Find driving schools and instructors or through local directories or word of mouth. Look for one who has signed up to the DVSA's voluntary continuing professional development (CPD) scheme and the ADI code of practice.

Ask your employer (if you are still working), if they can arrange a driver training course for you.

Refresher driver training courses usually involve one or more sessions in your own car with an instructor, on roads near where you live, or types of roads (such as motorways) on which you want more help. The instructor will provide advice and tips on how to improve your driving, and help you practise.

Police Courses

The Police may offer drivers who they have stopped for poor driving, or who have been caught committing a motoring offence, the opportunity to take a course, such as Speed Awareness, instead of a fine and penalty points. If you find yourself in this situation, it is always better to take the course as it will help you to improve your driving and avoid getting into the same situation again.