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The resources shown on this page are all available free from the organisations who produced them.

Safe Driving Films

Still Safe to Drive (a series of short films by GEM Motoring Assist):


The process of ageing

Essential information for drivers

Top tips

Top tips

Stay as safe as possible for as long as possible.


Giving up driving

Conversations about three families' experiences.

Driving in comfort

Driving in Comfort

Help for older drivers and their passengers to enjoy a more comfortable experience on journeys.

Older Drivers Forum Films

Older Drivers Forum (a series of short films by the Older Drivers Forum)

Older drivers forum

BBC Inside out

Older Drivers Forum Assessment

Drivers Skills Scheme 60+

Wessex Driveability

Advice on Motorways

Night Driving


Turning Right at Junctions

Speed Limits


Young Drivers

Changing to an Automatic Car

The Older Drivers Forum

Vehicle Checks

OtherĀ Advice