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Making sure mature drivers are aware of their driving ability

RoSPA believes that there is no maximum safe age for driving, and our policy is that efforts should be made to keep mature drivers on the road, safely, for as long as possible, as driving has positive effects on an individual’s wellbeing and allows them to be more independent.

Generally, mature drivers are safer on the road than those with less experience. However, as we get older, aspects of our health, such as our eyesight and reaction times, begin to decline. Such underlying health conditions, as well as medications, are a common factor in accidents involving mature drivers. Many mature drivers actively monitor their driving ability, however for those that do not do this, more guidance is needed for them and their relatives on how to improve or modify their driving, or to find driving alternatives if necessary.

Destination Drive

In 2019, RoSPA designed and carried out the Destination Drive initiative. Destination Drive took place in the form of three day-long events carried out at garden centres, and aimed to provide free face-to-face advice and information for mature drivers, as well as the opportunity to undergo a free assessment of their driving. Each event involved setting up a stall at which passers-by could visit and ask for advice, pick up free resources such as leaflets and Highway Codes, and attend free driving assessments.

Safety initiatives such as Destination Drive are really important in providing mature drivers with the resources they need to assess their driving skills and take appropriate steps to ensure the safety of themselves and other road users. It is for this reason that RoSPA has put together a suite of resources to assist other road safety practitioners in carrying out their own Destination Drive event. These resources (found on the left of this page) consist of an in-depth report containing instructions on how to prepare for, carry out and evaluate your event, as well as accompanying paperwork such as an application form template and promotional materials to help publicise your event.

Experienced Driver Assessments

The driving assessments that were carried out as part of Destination Drive were RoSPA’s Experienced Driver Assessments (EDAs). EDAs, carried out in the mature driver’s own car, consist of a drive around the local area in which the assessor can determine the individual’s driving ability in a relaxed and informal environment. A confidential written report and certification is provided to the driver, containing recommendations and practical suggestions on how their driving skills can be improved with the ultimate aim of keeping them safer on the road for longer.

For more information, please visit our RoADAR (RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders) website.

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